In English.

Hello everyone. How are you?
I'm Minatomo, a master of Yaesaki-Koubou.
I try to write a blog in English, today.
However, I use Google translation. I don't know English at all. HAHAHA.
Reason I started it, I heard blogs written in English rumored that women seem to favor.


I don't know if that Google translate sentence is correct.
It's big trouble.

So, I gave up in English write.

English is very very difficult...(´・ω・`)


Viarce 「...You need not to be loved other women. You aren't a problem that you are loved by only me.」 ///

Allessa 「Yo, Rona. You think this room too hot?」
Rona 「Yes. Maybe, air conditioner is broken.」
Allessa 「Ah? Air conditioner is working. There are other causes. Don't you agree? My boss.」

Viarce 「I don't know! I will resume work...!」

Allessa 「...Very cute. Don't you think so, Rona?」
Rona 「Yes, me too. I want kidding to she taken an attitude like that.」
Allessa 「...I think it's different a little...」



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